Joining the group is free, though we encourage everyone to join BAAL, not least because this gives discounts on our events!

Our email list runs on the Jiscmail platform (for academic email networks), but you don't need to be affiliated with a university to join. You can use any email address. Once you've joined, you can email the whole list by sending a regular email from your registered address to

Please read the guidance below before visiting the registration page. These tips should help make your time on the list more enjoyable and less annoying!

By default you’ll be signed up to receive individual emails from the list. If you’d rather get emails collated in a daily digest, then you need to send an email to (from your registered address) with nothing in the subject line, and the following in the body of the email:


Put another way, your email would look like this:


From: [your registered address]





If you want to change your email address or change other aspects of your membership - e.g. the way you receive emails, your name, etc. - just head along to If you don't already have a Jiscmail account, you'll need to register one using your registered email address, on this page:

For other membership tweaking options, see and

One other thing that can go wrong in this situation: if you have a university email address then you might have different forms or 'aliases' of that address, but only the one you typed into the sign-up form will work. Many universities have these, for example a public-facing one that looks like, but then another one that includes your university username, e.g. Just make sure you're sending from the right alias.

Ok, that's enough guidance! Please register at the signup page: