Language Rights Defenders Award

The Global Coalition for Language Rights is delighted to announce the first annual Language Rights Defenders Award: the first and only award to recognize and honor the important contributions of language rights defenders. 

This year, we are dedicating the inaugural award to the memory of Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, a tireless defender of language rights who sadly passed away in 2023. 

Nominations for the Language Rights Defenders Award are now open and will close on April 22nd. Any individual can be nominated, including community activists, translators, advocates, scholars, or anyone else who defends language rights.

Details about how to make a nomination, as well as other information about the award, can be found here. This information is available in Swahili, Simplified Chinese Characters, French, Spanish, and English.  

Please help us spread the word about the Language Rights Defenders Award by circulating this email to your colleagues, and please feel free to share the announcement from our various social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

In solidarity, 

The Global Coalition for Language Rights